4 Secret Google Adsense tricks that nobody tells you

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For a couple of years now I have been working with the Google advertising system that is so fashionable today, Adsense. Throughout all this time I have been constantly testing to achieve the best possible optimization and obviously the best results. I always say that the good thing about Google Adsense and internet advertising, in general, is that you can try as much as you want without many risks since in a very short time you realize if the new change works or not, one or two days of tests are enough to draw your own conclusions from each change and decide if we leave it or change it.

As I was saying, in all this time I did many tests, some worked and others not so much, so paying attention to the title of the post, I am going to list what are for me the best four conclusions that I reached after a long time of experimenting and that by going against certain prejudices nobody comments. It is worth noting that we are talking about sites whose ultimate goal and objective are to make money with Google Adsense and not to generate regular readers, friendly sites, and future communities. There if you have to pay attention to all the gurus who tout web 2.0, usability, pastel colors, and large print, just to list a few things.

Well, the list is this, whoever likes it likes it, these are the five best tricks for Google Adsense that nobody says:

  1. Do not seek to retain users

    A user who returns, a loyal user, is one less user who will click on the ads. Don’t worry about usability, user experience, or any of those things.

  2. Only one ad unit per page

    Although Google recommends putting more than one block, the reality is that this may help you earn more clicks, but not always more money. The ads that appear first usually leave more earnings than those that appear last, therefore by putting more blocks there are chances that users will click on ads from the second or third block, leaving aside those from the first, which are the ones with the highest earnings. leave.

  3. Ugly designs earn more money

    This point is related to point one, it seems a contradiction, but the truth is that ugly designs, without images that attract much attention, with a layout “difficult” to understand, and with looks, Prehistoric people are the ones that make the most money when it comes to statistics.

  4. The links were and will be Blue.

    From the beginning of the web, users assimilated that everything that is blue and is underlined is a link, that is, a link that takes you elsewhere, it is true that for a moderately experienced navigator that is a thing of the past, but believes me, the money that goes to your Adsense account hardly comes from an experienced user, so for this one time, make things easy and leave the links of the ads in Azul. In this blog, I use another color since blue would not look good and would be annoying to the eye

That’s all friends, I hope I have helped you with something, and if not, at least you already know what not to try. If you like the article and find it interesting, do not hesitate to recommend it on your blogs, I will be very grateful.

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