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About promotion. Part two. TOP-10, guaranteed attendance or context


In the first article on website promotion, we examined the most common issues of promoting Internet resources: what goals and objectives are pursued by website promotion, where visitors come to the site from, and what offers Internet agencies make to their clients in this area. In the second part we will talk about the three most popular directions of promotion today:

  • reaching positions in the TOP-10 search engines;
  • guaranteed site traffic;
  • contextual advertising.
TOP 10

The work to achieve high positions in the TOP-10 has won many fans both from the customers of the website promotion service and from the side of the performers. With well-chosen requests and good execution of the order, the effect in the form of an increase in website traffic and the number of calls to the company is felt immediately, as soon as the request falls into the TOP-10.

The advantage of promoting queries to the TOP-10 can be considered that it has established itself on the market for a long time, therefore it is familiar and understandable for customers. In addition, in this case, the customer can independently check and control the result of the contractor’s work, and this is important for people who are not very well versed in the “kitchen” of site promotion.

However, this type of promotion is becoming more and more expensive, time-consuming, and laborious, especially with high-frequency queries.

The site promotion service in the TOP-10 is still present in many commercial offers, but online agencies are gradually trying to replace it with more flexible approaches to site promotion.

The fact is that promotion to the TOP-10 is aimed at “catching” visitors exclusively in search engines, and Yandex is rightfully considered the most “cool” place on the Runet. Choosing to promote in the TOP-10, you can get a good return and often at a very “good” price, but other equally important sources of target visitors are not taken into account. Again, there are only 10 first places in the TOP, and hundreds of sites apply for them.

In addition, the work of promoting strictly defined pages for several requests limits the potential of the customer and the contractor. Search engines are getting smarter every day and take into account many different search ranking factors that relate to the site in general, and not just to the pages being promoted.

By promoting a request to the TOP-10, the performer works and monitors a limited set of parameters. Expanding the list of works that can be done with the site requires additional costs. If the customer is not ready to go for an extended offer, then the site remains partially optimized and does not realize its full potential.

Therefore, if you still want to see certain queries in the TOP-10, then, as far as possible, expand the list of queries for which it is beneficial to be in the TOP, and also try to combine the TOP-10 with other types of website promotion work:

  • fill the site with unique useful content and pay attention to the content of each page of your resource;
  • publish news and press releases on industry portals;
  • Share your experience and examples of successfully completed work on sites where it is in demand;
  • create your own information platforms – blog, twitter, etc.

Thus, gradually the site will be worked out deeper and in more detail, which will surely find a positive response from the search engines.

Who needs TOP-10

I would like to note that for some sites the TOP-10 is fundamentally important. This is usually related to the type of customer’s business. If the range of offered goods/services is small or very specific, then the presence or absence of a request in the TOP-10 is critical.

Example 1. For a company that sells expensive filling and packaging equipment, it is important to be in a “visible place” even for such a rare request as “shrink tank” or “bread slicer”, since even one sale of this equipment per year can cover all the costs of promotion …

Example 2. A company specializing in a narrow topic such as shells and corals for aquariums. The number of “commercial” queries in this area is small, so it is important to be in the TOP for all the main keywords of this topic.

Companies offering a wide range of products with a large number of characteristics have more opportunities for promotion and the option with guaranteed attendance is more suitable for them.

Summary table of features of website promotion in the TOP-10
What we strive for Bring the site to the top ten search engines (SE) for certain queries with payment for the actual hit in the TOP.
What do we get
  • Website technical optimization;
  • optimization of several pages for targeted queries;
  • an increase in the number of conversions for target key phrases.
What are we paying
  • Long (from 3 months);
  • expensive (competitive requests);
  • limited (additional means of promotion are excluded).
Sources of visitors
  • Search engines;
  • other “random” sources.
Reliability of results High risks: dropping out of the TOP is not excluded due to changes in PS algorithms and constantly growing competition.
Issue price From 700 rub. per 1 request per month (other offers are also possible – from 100 rubles per request, but, as a rule, such requests are ineffective).
Which sites are suitable
  • Sites of a narrow topic;
  • sites with a small range of products/services;
  • sites with a small target audience.
Guaranteed attendance

More and more popular are the offers of Internet agencies to increase website traffic with payment for the actually attracted visitors.

This type of website promotion is good in that it opens up wider opportunities for working with the Internet resource and is financially more profitable for both the customer and the contractor. The only point that can be alarming is the quality of the visitors. The solution to the issue of the quality of visitors falls on the Internet agency and depends on its conscientiousness and professionalism.

In the work to attract visitors to the site, not only search but also contextual advertising and various specialized sites (professional portals, news, and business portals, and directories) become a source of traffic.

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Contextual advertising provides significant assistance in placing advertisements on a variety of thematic sites. This tool allows you to automatically cover a lot of high-quality resources from which potential customers can come.

The use of other sources to attract visitors is usually left to the discretion of the contractor and often depends on the budget allocated for the promotion and contractual obligations.

Who needs guaranteed attendance

In general, traffic is important for any resource and serves as one of the indicators of the effectiveness of website promotion. The higher the traffic, the wider the reach of the audience, and the more return you can get from the site. We are especially interested in high traffic on the websites of large companies with a wide range of goods/services serving a large number of customers (online stores, real estate portals, etc.). Such companies, as a rule, are ready to receive and process a large number of requests with high website traffic. Also, high traffic is important for various information portals (news, recipes, entertainment, etc.).

Example. Online stores selling household and digital appliances or auto parts. There can be many search parameters for these products: by name, by manufacturer, by brand, and even by commodity code. Therefore, even basic optimization and content of the site (filling in headers and meta-tags of pages, detailed product characteristics) will help attract visitors for a variety of unique requests.

Summary table: features of guaranteed attendance
What we strive for Bring visitors to the site with pay for quantity:
  • absolutely unique visitors (AUP);
  • visitors who clicked on certain keywords;
  • visitors who have performed a certain action, etc.
What do we get
  • Website technical optimization;
  • optimization of all pages of the site for a variety of targeted queries;
  • an increase in the number of clicks on a variety of target search phrases;
  • wide coverage of visitor sources and tools.
What are we paying
  • The more visitors, the higher the final price;
  • there is a risk of getting non-targeted traffic. (This question is very important since only targeted traffic will give a good conversion and, therefore, profit. Caring for high-quality traffic falls on the mighty shoulders of the performer and depends on his professionalism.)
Sources of visitors
  • Search engines;
  • contextual ads;
  • profile, news, and business portals;
  • catalogs, reference books;
  • cards, etc.
Reliability of results High stability: coverage of a large number of sources and a flexible approach to promotion in the search allows you to maintain traffic even if some sources fail.
Issue price By agreement (depends on the terms of payment – for AUP, for a visitor by a keyword, for action, etc.). The price of a visitor can be 1-5 rubles. and higher.
Which sites is suitable
  • Sites with a wide range of topics;
  • sites with a wide range of products/services;
  • sites with a wide target audience.
contextual advertising

Contextual advertising can be ordered both separately and in combination with other types of promotion. The essence of her work does not change from this. Contextual advertising services allow you to attract targeted visitors to the site immediately, as soon as they receive payment for an advertising campaign.

Contextual advertising is good because it allows you to make very precise settings and display ads as “targeted” as possible. In other words, only people who belong to the target group of the Internet project will see the ads.

Another advantage of contextual advertising is the ability to change its settings and get immediate results. Unlike promotion in search, where you need to wait sometime until the changes made are taken into account by search engines, and only after that, you can see the result. At the same time, if the result of the advertising campaign does not satisfy the contractor or the customer, you can immediately change everything in contextual advertising, but in the search, you will have to wait again.

The flip side of the medal for the availability of contextual advertising is increased competition in certain areas of business. If the price of a visitor becomes too high, then contextual advertising loses its attractiveness for enterprises with a low advertising budget and the activity of its use may be reduced.

Who needs context

This tool is quite flexible and even in a highly competitive environment can bring returns. Therefore, contextual advertising is suitable for almost any type of business.

However, a contextual advertising campaign will be effective only if several conditions are met:

  • the purpose of clicking on an ad is to directly sell a product/service or to inform a visitor through a detailed disclosure of the characteristics of a product/service (that is, there is no “image” component of advertising);
  • the cost of the sold product/service is significant and perfect sales pay off the advertising. According to some reports, to make one sale through the context, it is required to spend 300-400 rubles.

Example. Even those organizations that do not have their own website can use contextual advertising services. Contextual advertising services allow you to create a “business card” of an organization with contacts and a brief description of goods and services. By clicking on the ad, the user goes to this “business card”, where the advertising contact between the seller and the buyer takes place.

Business card for an organization that does not have a website

Summary table: features of contextual advertising
What we strive for Get the maximum number of targeted ad clicks on your website with the lowest cost per click.
What do we get
  • “Quickstart” to attract visitors to the site;
  • flexible management of site traffic (setting of impressions by city, time and other parameters);
  • increase in the number of visits to the site for key phrases associated with ads;
  • getting the opportunity to advertise without a website.
What are we paying
  • The risk of unprofessionalism (an effective advertising campaign can only be developed by knowledgeable people);
  • limited (additional means of promotion are excluded);
  • increased competition in the topic increases the price of the visitor;
  • the more clicks, the higher the budget.
Sources of visitors Contextual ads placed in search results and on partner advertising platforms.
Reliability of results Discretion at work – there is traffic as long as there is money in the account.
Issue price From 10 kopecks. for the transition, but in reality – much higher, 1-3 rubles. per click and more. (According to some reports, it takes 300-400 rubles to make one sale through the context.)
Which sites are suitable
  • Sites of any kind, where the cost of one sale is significant and can justify the costs incurred;
  • also suitable for organizations that do not have their own representation on the Internet, but want to advertise their products and services on the network.

In general, the article contains all the key points of various methods of website promotion. Those interested can compare them, try them on, and choose what is most optimal.

Our company provides services for each of the listed types of promotion. You can contact us and see for yourself . 🙂

Finally, I would like to note that all the considered promotion methods relate to the commercial type of advertising. Those. all of the above actions are aimed at attracting visitors who are ready or about to make a purchase.

In order to promote a brand, create a certain image, or disseminate information about new products/services, other technologies are used, such as SMM. But more about that another time.

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