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Website promotion is a constant movement forward, racing with competitors and search engines. And before making an offer to clients that they cannot refuse, it is worth analyzing what is currently happening in the SEO services market: what promotion options do online agencies offer to their customers and which of this may be truly interesting to the owner’s sites.

This is a pretty broad topic, so we will dedicate several posts to it on our blog.

In the first article we will cover the following questions:
  • what goals and objectives are usually set by customers for Internet agencies in the framework of website promotion;
  • where do visitors come to the site or where are the “fish” places on the Internet;
  • what offers companies make to their clients to promote their sites.
Goals and objectives of website promotion

In most cases, the ultimate goal of website promotion is to make a profit for the client.

The intermediate goal of promoting an Internet resource is to increase its traffic, to attract targeted visitors to the site.

Achievement of this goal is the main task of the executing company, and the companies involved in website promotion offer customers various ways to solve it.

Where do visitors come from?

In order to catch “goldfish” among millions of Internet users – target visitors for your resource, you need to clearly understand where they are “found” and how to catch them.

The most “fishy” places on the Internet are rightfully considered:
  • search engines;
  • contextual ad systems;
  • social networks;
  • specialized Internet resources.

They can be considered as massive sources of visitors for the site.

In each of these places their own special “networks” are placed, and everyone who “got” into them is drawn to the site.

In addition, there are plenty of secondary sources, but the number of visitors from there can be compared to fishing with a line. With a sufficiently large number of them, the “catch” can be quite noticeable, although its “fishing” is likely to require more effort than catching “net”.

The number of sources of visitors can and should be increased in various ways, combining them with each other, depending on the characteristics of the site being promoted.

Offers on the website promotion market

Reading commercial offers from various Internet agencies for the promotion of sites, you can find a wide variety of names of tariffs, payment terms, sets of services, etc.

The “packaging” for the company’s promotion services is formed based on various conditions:
  • their ideas about the needs of customers;
  • professional experience of the company’s specialists;
  • technical capabilities and level of automation of the company;
  • availability of all the necessary specialists in the staff of the company;
  • competitiveness and other factors.
However, of all the variety, the most popular areas of work to promote sites can be distinguished:
  • reaching positions in the TOP-10 search engines (Yandex, Google, and others) by search phrases selected depending on the type of client’s activity;
  • achievement of certain indicators of site traffic (guaranteed traffic);
  • contextual advertising;
  • banner (media) advertising;
  • work with social services (SMO –  Social Media Optimization, SMM –  Social media marketing ).

Getting good results in each of the above areas in one way or another increases site traffic, but currently, the first three items are most popular: TOP-10, guaranteed traffic, and contextual advertising.

We will tell you more about what can be achieved using the three most popular directions for website promotion in the next article…

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