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Design Trends


It seems like it’s hard to invent something new in 2019, especially in design. We’ve already seen everything: fine detailing and minimalism, volumes and flat, video with autoplay in full screen on the main screen and sticky parallaxes, monochrome, and all the most fashionable shades according to Pantone on one page. How to keep up with this endless race? The answer is obvious: track trendsetters, boldly mix styles, and remember the “forgotten old” in time. This is why we have gone through the entire Behance and prepared for you a selection of web design trends that we will see in 2019.

01. Custom designed illustrations

Heartless statistics tell us that people love beautiful pictures, preferably unique ones. Using such illustrations allows you to convert a visitor into a buyer much better than any stock photography. A unique illustration can definitely distinguish a business from competitors, create a bright brand image, emphasize advantages, and help increase awareness. The simple flat icons we’ve all grown accustomed to over the years are giving way to small illustrations that can be used to establish visual hierarchy and draw attention to content that matters to you.

02. Vivid colors

In 2018, designers used mostly bright colors and the trend will continue this year. The colors will be even bolder. Pantone has published its 2019 color trend prediction, so feel free to use the boldest colors, especially the living coral.

03. Animation

Small animations on a website, in an advertisement, or in-app design flirt with the user and make them interact more with the interface. In 2018, the use of animation has changed from a trend to a mainline. Smooth transitions between screens, nice hover effects, animation of illustrations can all be crucial for conversions, especially in some business areas.

04. Gradients-2, or the return of gradients

In 2017-2018, gradients, which had seen their decline during the popularity of flat design, were back in vogue. The trend will move into 2019. Big companies like Apple or Instagram are already using gradients in their branding. If you are looking to redesign your logo or website in the new year, then gradients are definitely your option.

05. Isometric

It seems to be no news. But in 2018, with the growing popularity of illustration, isometry has become a favored technique for many illustrators. She is literally everywhere and everywhere. Let’s see what happens in 2019.

06. Naturalness and naturalness

The era of stock images is over, designers are looking for more natural, non-stock photography. But it is not so easy to find them yet, especially considering the national specifics. Therefore, a photo session with a professional photographer is a completely logical choice of some of our clients who are interested in the visual component of the site.

07. Liquid, geometric and asymmetrical shapes

“Liquid” shapes are nothing new, we’ve seen them before — in bold colors and unusual gradients — but they’re going to be a real trend in 2019.

08. Video background

Research shows that video on a website can increase conversion rates. Using a video, you can make yourself known in a matter of seconds, while the user does not even have to delve into and read a lot of text (after all, he already has to read quite a lot a day). Video quickly conveys a message and lasts longer on itself, but of course not just any video.

09. Fonts instead of images

Typography is becoming an independent element of web design. A page can look stylish and beautiful without a single image or photograph, just due to the skillful selection of fonts and text arrangement. Many well-known brands use this technique, consolidating the trend in mass consciousness. Most often, bold grotesques are used.

10. Irregular grid and overlapping elements

Well, and the most popular, without which it is already impossible to imagine modern design – an irregular grid. Design elements are at different distances from each other. Sometimes they swim over each other, sometimes, on the contrary, they are disproportionately far away. When scrolling through the page, they can all appear and move at different speeds, enhancing the experience. It seems that such a technique will only add chaos to the page, but no, everything looks very harmonious. We’ve already seen this in the magazine layout and got used to it.

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