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How do you make a website and then spend a lot of money to redesign it


For some reason, many people believe that the design of the site, the development of the site, and its promotion are absolutely unrelated processes, and therefore they do not just order all this from different contractors (although this, of course, is everyone’s business), but sometimes they do it in some its haphazard sequence. After all, it is absolutely normal to launch a new website and start promoting it in half a year. Or not?

Let’s figure out for what reason unnecessary expenses may appear when promoting a site.

Reason # 01: We didn’t plan to promote

Not thinking about promoting your site and regarding it as an additional sales tool are incompatible things.

Polina Stolpovskaya, Head of the marketing department

At the development stage Torens online store, the site owners did not know about the promotion methods and thought that it would not be useful to them. The site was conceived as an online directory where users would come from offline advertising.

That is why the main page of the site was beautiful and completely without texts (this block was not foreseen in the design). The catalog was implemented in AJAX: when scrolling through the products, the page did not reload, everything happened in a module within one page. Nice again, but not indexed by search engines. And after uploading to the site, unique goods were bought so quickly that promotion on important low-frequency and most conversion queries were impossible – the pages appeared and disappeared in the search engine index.

As a result, in order to promote this site, I had to completely deviate from the original design concept: redo the main page, the entire catalog, change the structure of the product card and come up with all sorts of “workarounds”. All of this resulted in costs roughly equal to half the cost of developing a website. It also became a headache for both the client and us, since each action had to be explained in detail, and the cost of each change was perceived with hostility.

And yet there are several situations in which you can postpone SEO until later (or when SEO promotion is simply not necessary).

  • When your sales season is in full swing

If you need to sell here and now, then it is better to postpone the improvements and do contextual advertising. SEO is not a one, and sometimes not three months process. And with the help of contextual advertising, at the same time, you can arrange a “trial period” for your site – check whether it sells well, based on statistics, additionally work out the site’s usability and fix problem areas.

  • When you have the simplest business card site

If you create a website only because “every self-respecting company should have a website”, and will indicate it on business cards “for solidity”, and there are no other tasks before it, SEO and Internet promotion will not be useful to you.

  • When you have a landing page

Landing pages are practically not subject to SEO promotion, but they can be optimized once. The promotion process assumes the presence of several linked pages, which, of course, is not in the landing pages. But at the same time, you can very profitably use contextual, display, and targeted advertising.

  • When you have a website built on a constructor

Yes, perhaps this is a profitable option, websites on constructors are much cheaper. But often, designers do not have the functionality necessary for optimization and promotion. For example, some elements are displayed on the site using scripts, but for SEO it is necessary that the same elements are displayed in the HTML code. As a result: it is impossible to optimize the section. Another situation: when you need to write different words in the meta tags for different product categories; or even simpler: you need a certain type of calculator that is not in the constructor. In such situations, you can only be offered to complete the functionality of the constructor (of course, at your expense), or to redo the site entirely on CMS. It is, of course, possible to promote websites on constructors, but with highly competitive topics and requests, it is almost impossible.

In other situations, think about SEO as soon as you decide to make a website.
Reason # 02: We decided that we will start promoting after the launch of the site

Website promotion is not a process where you can get results instantly. An important stage of promotion is website optimization, and this is not just some kind of “witchcraft” over the code and robots.txt, this is a mandatory interaction with usability, which can result in changes in design and functionality, which naturally takes time. Separating website optimization from the development process often only leads to double work that no one likes.

Valeria Orlova, Marketing Analyst, Internet Marketing Department

The more SEO work will be done at the zero stage (that is, at the stage of website development, until it is displayed on the main domain), the better results it will show at the stage of promotion. Therefore, if you have already found a developer, then immediately look for an SEO contractor. This will save you both time that will have to be spent on searching and fixing each error in the functionality of an already launched site, and money.

At the same time, you should not worry about building work processes between contractors. Usually, we take on the preparation of technical specifications for optimization, and its discussion, and control of implementation. The work can be built both with the involvement of a client’s specialist (PR manager, marketer, or another responsible specialist), or directly, between account managers of development and promotion contractors. Areas of responsibility, in this case, are distributed to all participants in the process.

That is why it is initially easier for a customer to contact an agency that provides both website development and promotion services because then the whole complex of responsibility for the future work of the site lies with one contractor. So it is much easier to get an answer to any question that has arisen without a possible “transfer of arrows” between the performers.

Reason # 03: We were already promoted, we don’t trust anyone now.
And we don’t believe in SEO either!

It happens that clients come to us not from “newbies”. Someone has already been promoting them, they have several positions in the TOP, but the figures from the reports of the previous contractor somehow differ from reality. Once, a client and I even had to wait until the “validity period” of the service-connected by the previous contractor with bots that increased traffic was over. Since it did not work to find and disable the wrapping service, and it turned itself off only in the third month of our cooperation, the client saw the real picture of website traffic only then (it would be more logical to say “non-attendance”). And this, again, is a waste of time and money.

Because of such “stories”, there are more and more distrustful clients, and some of them stop considering SEO promotion as something serious and expedient altogether.

Valeria Orlova, Marketing Analyst, Internet Marketing Department

In any case, we start working with each client with a technical audit according to our own checklist. And sometimes, in order to quickly achieve positive dynamics (even 200%), it is enough to rebuild the semantic core, change the texts and correct the code (after that, a reasonable question arises: why did the previous contractor not do this and what did he do for several months?).

Clients, taught by “bitter experience”, by the way, are considered the most difficult for contractors. But we perfectly understand that the client does not have to understand SEO at all. He is an expert in his field, and he only needs us to show it to his clients. Therefore, we always ask you to ask us questions if the client himself, for some reason, is shy.

Therefore, be careful when choosing an SEO contractor, so as not to run into a one-day company or “overlords over bots.” Read reviews, ask to confirm competencies, and most importantly – ask as many questions as possible.

Lifehack: What to ask a web studio and an SEO agency
  • What should I do with the site after development? (promote, customize, use as a sales tool, develop)
  • Will an SEO and web analyst/usability specialist be involved in the initial website design? They are needed to work on the structure of the site, its functionality, check the completion of tasks and test implementations before the site is delivered.
  • Will the services of an SEO agency include basic website optimization – the necessary settings for better ranking in search engines, collecting the semantic core?
  • Does the platform on which the site is being developed provide for the ability to independently set meta tags, headers, texts, templates for site sections, and the introduction of tags to track conversions by forms?
  • Will they present you with a promotion strategy with a description of all stages of work before starting promotion work?

Honest partners, thoughtful solutions, and productive SEO,

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