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In search of mutual understanding – 2: “Bad advice” for my IT colleagues

In July, we published a selection of “Bad Tips” for clients of digital agencies, web studios, and Internet marketing agencies and received many comments confirming that the situations described in the article are faced by, if not all, then most. However, customers are not the only ones that can be difficult. Inside the IT-team, there is a huge number of very different specialists who, no-no, will surprise their colleagues by doing something “like”.
Who are they? Developers of all levels and specializations, Internet marketers, SEOs, account and project managers, sales managers, web designers … And do not forget that any of us can turn out to be “that strange colleague”. If you are confident that you are the perfect colleague, then read no further (although no, read it).
Make a website as you can,
You are the best, you know 🙂 I
attach a scan of the business card!
This is all that the client gave: (I
‘m running away, they are waiting at the meeting,
If anything, then you call!
Use as many channels as possible

The task must not be allowed to go unnoticed. Are you using Teamer and Google Calendar? Set the task there. Forwarded the customer’s letter by email. For details on the task, which were discussed later with the client by phone, send them to Skype. Did you go to lunch and remember one detail? Send this clarification to Telegram. After 8:00 pm, another problem idea came to mind? Share it on HP Vkontakte.

Imagine that your colleagues are telepaths …

And do not spend too much time to formulate the task in an accessible and understandable way, do not specify whether a colleague understands what is required. Describe the task in three words by mail or in the task manager, use emoticons. Be sure to remind you that this needs to be done very, very urgently, and indicate that you can be contacted to clarify questions in the mail or by phone, and now you are “running away”.

When planning is your forte

Does the client ask to complete the task as quickly as possible? Promise to deal with this and when setting the task, estimate it at 3 hours instead of the prescribed 9. In the same way, you can save the incorrectly calculated budget for the project. Anyway, it’s not your fault, it’s the developers who work slowly.


A copywriter, content manager, or other specialist sneaked into your team and reported by mistake that he was studying to be a philologist? This is lucky! Now every word or sentence that you doubt the spelling can be clarified with a colleague at any time of the day or night. Even if you write a post on Twitter.


Designers are magicians who can make a website out of an empty white field 1200 * 3000px. Therefore, you can safely ask them everything: make the text bold or enlarge, which font to use in the KP, is green and red combined, which wallpaper is better to choose for the kitchen …


This is another wizard in the office who seems to know everything. And he often utters incomprehensible words and jokes strangely. Therefore, in the event of a printer or computer breakdown, it will definitely be able to help!

Delegate correctly

See that colleague over there in the far corner of the open-space? He carries his lunches with him and rarely leaves the office during the day. Leave him 5 handsets of his work phone and a request to pick up the documents from the courier, who promised to arrive from 12 to 14 o’clock, and you can leave for a three-hour business lunch.

If you are a bit of a boss
And lead a department,
Show your guys
Power, care, and love.
Schedule seven plans,
Give everyone an additional task,
A lot of edits (you can!).
Tell me how each road is,
And disappear at exactly five.

Hold planning meetings

Leader = planning meetings. True? Therefore, if you manage a department of at least 1 person, make a schedule and conduct planning meetings on it. On them, it is desirable to talk at length about plans for the future at least half an hour, for example. It is not necessary to do specific planning there, but you can assign a couple of additional tasks to the subordinate.


You don’t have to understand the product that you offer your client every day, the main thing is to remember the names and 5-10 theses and memorize the script. For questions that do not fit into this minimum, you can answer “I’ll check with a specialist” and go to clarify. Even if this question has already been asked many times. It’s okay to ask the same thing.

Works for you

If an account comes to you with a detected problem in the functionality, then, without turning your head and not listening to it, answer “It works for me”, because everything worked for you before you gave the site for testing, right? Double-checking and asking clarifying questions is for the weak.


Keep your workplace in order, look into all monitors available to your eyes and hand over in the messenger to the management of everyone who sits on Vkontakte during working hours or looks at pictures. Even if your colleague SMM did it.


Do not ask clarifying questions, even if you do not understand what is required of you in the task. Do to yourself on the sly, as you understand. Suffer from what comes out, but try. And then be sincerely surprised if, in the end, it turns out that this is not what was required of you. You can even loudly be indignant or offended.

Be confident

Are you writing a progress report for a client? The main thing is not to double-check it yourself and do not ask your colleagues to do it. How many of these reports have you already written, what could go wrong this time? And if suddenly something, let the manager talk to the unhappy client.

Delegate on time

If you spot a colleague in the kitchen at lunch, sit down with him, and start a conversation about work. It is advisable about urgent tasks that need to be done before the evening. And so that your colleague will definitely remember everything, stop in mid-sentence and suddenly run back into the bowels of the office.

Take everything to heart,
Take offense at all the edits,
Walk very, very sad,
Think long and suffer.
Well, if suddenly the offender
Writes letters to you again,
Answer for thirty minutes,
Write many dots,
Prove to him in words,
How he was wrong and where.
If your chair is still smoldering,
Just Maori kapsom.

Prove that you are not a robot

Take to heart the bugs you find and the team lead’s comments about your code. Get upset and take the art director’s edits as a reference to personal curvature. Even if no one saw your joint, especially the client.

Meet your working hours

Have a task to close this week? Great, Friday night is the perfect time for that. Proudly inform your account at 19:00 that you have finished, put it on the live server and run. The weekend is ahead. Or not?

Be a good friend

If you are even a little leader, be sure to bring your businessman friend as a customer. It doesn’t matter that he has a logo in the Word and the development budget is less than for a public Vkontakte. Promise him to do everything in the best possible way and in a short time, strain your colleagues.


Do not defend your vision for design or functionality, despite the fact that your hair stood on end after reading the problem. If the client wants, then you need to do just that. Even if this is a business card site in the form of a scan of an ordinary business card, where the name and phone number are written in yellow letters on a blue background in five fonts. The client’s desire is the law, the client is always right, that’s all.

Take care of your health

Eat consistently in your workplace. Rustling packs and bags, sprinkle crumbs on the keyboard, filled up space under the monitor with bits. Get office animals – flies. Do you have a dining room? Fine. Take fish, dumplings, cabbage salad, cutlets with you for lunch, and forget to close the door.

Be late beautifully

If you are late for work, complain about the way to the general chat about a failed alarm clock, neighbors and their dog, a long kettle, a slow elevator, traffic jams … and then run noisily into the office and get out of breath to draw as much attention to your suffering as possible …

Formulate correctly

Ask questions in the correspondence without question marks. Ignore punctuation marks. Write each word on a new line, or even better – in a separate message. Smear the idea of ​​one task for 10 posts, or even better – in the general chat. Be surprised that you are not understood.

Prove that you are cheerful and sociable

Talk loudly and laugh, joke a lot, constantly drop pitches from Lepra into the general working chat, and link to Dvach, Club, and Overheard. Find out about each colleague at least one fact and at every opportunity, clarify the intelligence information.

Actively attract attention

Got a question? Urgently write to your responsible colleague in a work chat, email, instant messengers, wave your hands from your workplace, or better immediately, after sending a bunch of messages, go to him. It doesn’t matter if he is talking with a client by phone, in person, having lunch, or discussing another work issue with colleagues.

Did you recognize yourself or your “difficult” colleagues in any of the points? Don’t be upset! There are no ideal people, the main thing is that you are a good person and a specialist. We collected these stories not only in our office (let’s even say more, we were lucky, and not everything is written about us),

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