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Minusinsk algorithm: ups and downs in Yandex


You could read about the Minusinsk algorithm this month in almost any SEO blog, everyone froze in anticipation, not forgetting to give out one article after another. They expected a completely different thing: someone was expecting a blow to their own sites, someone was watching with interest the panic among competitors. Honestly, we belong to the second category, since our link profile optimization strategy has long been based on only high-quality, conditionally eternal links with useful articles and various anchors. Among the sites, there are large well-known news sites, and narrow-topic live blogs, we try to clean out low-quality links.

On May 16, another update (update) of Yandex took place, and we can summarize the results on our site and the sites of our clients in different topics and regions. 40% of sites have grown significantly in rankings, 60% have remained almost at the same level with insignificant growth or decline. Our own website remained at the same level, while major competitors, including federal ones, were significantly shaken and some significant market players disappeared from the TOP-10.

According to the MegaIndex review, one can single out a list of sites from our subject, among them there are very famous companies: Kokoc, Demis Group, Ingate, RussianPromo, BDBD. And also less well-known, but included in the TOP in the areas of website promotion, development, and design. Of the interesting falls in other industries, Etazhi, a system player in the real estate market, which, according to some sources, has its own SEO department, can be noted. Using the MegaIndex survey methods, we also went through our local (Novosibirsk) competitors in order to quickly analyze the situation. We found out almost immediately that the domain name Intelsib website was also excluded from the search results. The algorithm has not yet touched on the other closest competitors in Novosibirsk.

In general, we can conclude that companies that used cheap rental links in large numbers, did not analyze their link profile and were engaged in mass automatic/semi-automatic link buying, despite all Yandex warnings in recent years, fell under the filter from under which getting out won’t be so easy. The reason for this behavior could be both saving on the link budget in general and the abuse of link promotion as the main factor for website promotion.

Conclusions of our experts on the situation around the Minusinsk algorithm:

  • Minusinsk algorithm has been launched. Personally, for the time being, he has pleased our company rather than upset. The first significant changes were noticeable on the night of May 16.
  • Minusinsk touched upon quite large and systemic players in different topics and in different regions (including Novosibirsk), and not only frankly garbage sites, but the subsidence was also about 20 points. Including sites with registration in Yandex. Catalog and high TCI sagged.
  • All sites of the owner are sagging, that is, both the main domain and subdomains.
  • Our clients’ sites were not affected due to the emphasis on internal optimization and careful attitude to link buying.

We wish you high positions and a good link profile!

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