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Promotional site “TermoLEN”. How we did it


We have already talked in the blog about how made a corporate website for a famous publishing house. And this time we want to share the process of developing the design of the promo site.

Our task was to create a promotional website for a new building material ThermoLEN…

This material is made from natural flax. Flax is grown here, in Siberia, and then processed according to a special technology so that the flax fibers are held together into a homogeneous elastic material that can be used in low-rise construction and the production of upholstered furniture.

Environmentally friendly, durable, and non-combustible – ThermoLEN is excellent for insulating walls, floors, and ceilings in private houses and cottages, sealing door and window joints, and even for filling armchairs, sofas and mattresses.

The customers of the site from the Flax-Jute company, which produces ThermoLEN, wanted the site to have watercolor illustrations that emphasize the tenderness of natural linen. However, they were also open to other website design ideas.

Finding a solution

ThermoLEN is used mainly in low-rise construction, so it was decided to place an illustration of a cottage on the main page of the site. And using her example, using pop-up windows, show how you can use the new material.

It turned out that finding a suitable home is not an easy task. I had to go through a lot of options before finding exactly the picture of the house that would look best on the site.

After that, we made some watercolor sketches of the house.

But none of them satisfied either the designers or the art director.

Then they decided to go the other way and developed two design concepts for the main page of the site, made in the technique of watercolor and technical drawing.

First website concept: technical drawing

First, the illustrator drew two pencil sketches: the cottage itself and the bushes in the background of the cottage.

These sketches were then scanned and drawn in vector. Thus, we got an excellent technical drawing, which formed the basis for the first version of the main page of the promo site.

Option one: technical drawing

Pop-up in technical drawing

Second concept: watercolor website

For the second version of the main page of the site, we drew a watercolor illustration of a cottage.

Option two: watercolor painting

Popup in watercolor drawing

Everything is fine, but it needs to be redone

Customers really liked both options. But when they compared both design concepts, they realized that a technical drawing would be more appropriate for a business website. Therefore, we decided to stop at it, and hang the watercolor illustration on the wall in the office.

We were already ready to continue working on the internal pages of the site. But then it turned out that while work was underway on the design of the main page, the customer’s marketing department changed the entire strategy for promoting the new product to the market.

The clients decided that the emphasis should not be on the house, which is being insulated with new material, but directly on the material itself. Therefore, none of the proposed site design options suited to them, and they had to redo all the work.

Then our designers came up with and drew the third and final version of the site’s main page.

Inner Pages

Fortunately, the designers’ work on the initial concepts was not in vain. Based on the technical drawing, we made one of the internal pages of the site.

Each inner page has its own unique design.

All photos and texts used on the site were provided by the customer.

Working moments

Worked on the design:

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