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SEO dream


I started working with websites back in 2004. Then I supported the website of a sports and travel store: I filled it with content and fresh news. I wrote articles for the site myself or borrowed from other sources that seemed appropriate to me. At that time, I still had no idea about “unique content”, “primary sources” and all these “protected rights” … I learned about them later, but this is not the topic …

My work on filling the site was also related to interacting with people, finding information, participating, and observing the process of doing business from the “inside”.

My experience as a content manager came in handy when I started mastering the SEO profession in one small but very proud ambitious company – now one of the leaders of the Novosibirsk SEO market. I liked to understand a new area for me: looking for answers to questions, analyzing data, drawing conclusions. At the same time, I often saw an opportunity to make the client’s site better and of higher quality than at the moment, and thus attract even more targeted visitors to it. But the task of “jumping over my head” was not before me: usually, it was enough to reach the TOP or a certain level of attendance of the resource, and then keep the results at the achieved level.

Most often, the customers themselves were not interested in unlocking the full potential of their site and preferred to be content with the current state of affairs. This was largely due to the fact that for the development of the project it was necessary to work not only with the website but also with all the business processes in the enterprise. Not everyone was ready for such changes. To make matters worse, the only party forcing change was the people who (just!) Promote the company’s website.

It was in those years that my blue “SEO dream” began to form. In fact, it touches on areas much broader than the limited area of ​​site optimization: it seeks to cover all business processes of the enterprise and establish effective ways of business development. But in order to realize this dream, it is necessary to assemble a strong team of specialists in the field of marketing, industrial automation, and Internet technologies, as well as professionals in the field of the client’s business. And the main component of this venture should be the desire of people to develop and do their job perfectly.

Realizing such a dream requires a lot of responsibility, active participation of all team members, and a lot of work. Perhaps someday this dream will come true, and website promotion will become not just a separate task divorced from the business, but a full-fledged part of a well-thought-out company development strategy.

Perhaps, as an example of the first step towards the realization of this “SEO dream” can serve as a project, the development of which we have been engaged in the last few months.

In this project, our company performed only a separate business task that the customer set for us. However, the speed of response to our proposals for the development of the site and the rapid development of the company have become pleasant signals for us – our work is really needed, it is appreciated by the customer and helps the development of his business. What else do you need in order to feel satisfaction from your work?

So, in the next post – promotion case wholesale website furniture supplier… It describes in detail how we set the task of promoting the site, what work we did to achieve our goal, what mistakes we made along the way, and how we corrected them and, of course, what results in we achieved.

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