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SMM for the veterinary clinic: we determine the disease by the meow of your cat


BEST is one of the best veterinary clinics in Novosibirsk and Russia. Specialists perform surgeries that are unique for the country in the field of orthopedics, ophthalmology, and neurology. Doctors introduce new technologies with the help of medical diagnostic equipment (MRI, CT), unique for Siberia, adapted specifically for veterinary medicine. BEST is known for its unique experience in the installation of osseointegrated prostheses and for the treatment of the most difficult cases, for which other clinics do not undertake. Apart from BEST, only one clinic in the world in England is engaged in such prosthetics. Also, the clinic has an ambulance that can go anywhere in the city and region for examination, research, and diagnosis.


The veterinary clinic is working more than successfully – I wanted to talk about this on social networks. It is for this purpose that BEST turned to us. The task was to convey the most important advantages of the clinic and convey to animal owners that we can help in critical cases when there seems to be no hope left.

Social networks

We post unique content to various social networks – the Vkontakte group, Instagram account, Facebook page. On Vkontakte we work on the reputation of the clinic – we write about the operations performed, talk about new equipment, share expert articles on animal health, but do not forget about entertaining content and interaction with the audience. Facebook operates as a professional community, where the bulk of subscribers are veterinarians. We post news about conferences and masterclasses. Instagram was left for the most cute – post photos of patients. Regular posting only on Vkontakte – once a day. On other social networks, we release information as and when needed. This is enough to maintain accounts.


We publish all kinds of content – from entertaining gifs to important and useful articles about animal health. We create and maintain the clinic’s expertise with in-depth articles on pet health, treatment, and diagnosis. In such materials, we emphasize that self-medication and diagnostics without the help of a veterinarian can be fatal. With each such publication, we try to bring the owners closer to the understanding that medical attention is necessary for the animal in case of illness.

Online consultation

The most important achievement of our work is professional veterinary assistance to any person who writes to us on the Internet. In the Vkontakte group, you can go to the discussion “Ask a question to the veterinarian” and leave your question. You can leave a question on the site, in Direct, in the Facebook group. Every day we check our social networks, collect questions, and ask them the clinic’s veterinarian. The doctor answers questions give advice on first aid and direct you to the right specialist. Of course, close cooperation with a client is a rare and wonderful case. The veterinarian of the clinic is always in touch with us, we promptly send customer questions and advise on the expert articles that we are preparing. More than 12 thousand messages have been collected in the group discussions during our work.

If you have to work with veterinary medicine, then take away the important advice – abstract from what people write. Sometimes we have to see messages, photos, questions that are terrifying in their essence. Unfortunately, there is nowhere to hide from this. They will always write to you: “The dog does not eat or drink for a week. Seems to be some kind of problem? But we won’t go to the doctor. ” And every time you will feel sorry for the pet, for which the owner is not responsible. But you cannot change that. Abstract yourself.


This audience loves to discuss their little ones – to throw photos, talk about nutrition, give advice on diet, and walking. These are not moms, but pet owners – one of the most grateful and involved subscribers. Ask them which toy their little friend prefers – they will send you a photo of all your favorite things from the moment of birth to the present day.


This is that rare case when a client is ready to help everyone – with information support, photos, and adequacy. We are not ruled by every smile or comma. The content, of course, is checked for adequacy from the point of view of veterinary medicine, but no unnecessary nit-picking about texts, photos, or types of posts. SMMers now feel a share of envy – the ideal client who needs to post cats! Is it better? In fact, you can achieve this result in every project. Long-term and high-quality work helped us to earn the trust of the client, who now, after years of cooperation, is confident in us and our work. The result is obvious!

We have been working with the clinic since 2013. During this time, the Vkontakte community of more than 5,000 people has gathered, an Instagram account of 1,500 people, without using advertising. We process at least five questions online every day, regardless of holidays and vacations. The NGS news portal regularly takes as a basis our informational posts about the events of the clinic and places it on its website. Despite the fact that the project has been with us for a long time, we have not stopped working on its design, periodically changing the templates for posts and covers of the Vkontakte group, highlights on Instagram.

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