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Trends in the Russian search engine market


We closely follow the trends in the search engine market, as we are actively developing the Internet marketing department. This year, Google is increasing its positions, Yandex retains its leadership, the rest of the players lag significantly behind and practically do not pose a threat to the leaders, although rather high hopes were pinned on (9 pp of the share last year).

The shares of traffic distributed by search engines during the first month of 2015, according to the counter, were as follows: Yandex retained its leadership with 58.9%, Google took second place with 32.8%, and Rambler significantly lagged behind from 6.7 and 0.7%, respectively.

Among the listed search engines, only Google is increasing its share (see graph): in January 2014 it was 26.9%, in December – 32.1%, that is, last month the growth amounted to almost 6 and 0.7 percentage points. respectively. Yandex, on the other hand, lost 2.8 percentage points over the year. Of “distributed visitors”, positions of and also weakened – by 2.3 and 0.5 pp.

By the way, we know how to promote websites in Google and consider high positions in Google as a sign of high-quality, comprehensive website promotion. If the positions in Yandex are average or high, and in Google, they are consistently low, this is an alarming sign for both the optimizer and the client. Yandex is so far less critical of external links, but from May 15, everything may change with the introduction of a new algorithm “Minusinsk”, which will be aimed at combating the mass purchase of links. By the way, for our projects, we do not skimp on the quality of links and mainly use “eternal” links on good sites and with high-quality articles that look like natural ones, so we are not particularly afraid of May 15, but rather follow the developments with interest.

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