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Website development for the clinic “Elena”


For 8 years we have been cooperating with the clinic of plastic surgery and therapeutic cosmetology “Elena”. During this period, we have twice completed the design and development of the site for the clinic, numerous works on the design of printing, outdoor advertising, the layout of magazine articles, as well as on promotion. The first version of the site was created 8 years ago, over time, both the design and functionality ceased to correspond to the image of the clinic, and in 2014 we updated both the appearance and the content of the site, added several useful functional services that will appeal to site visitors.

Our pride is the service for choosing services for the user, presented in the form of a real person with clickable points on the body. The user clicks on a part of the body, then chooses a problem corresponding to his situation (the list was previously prepared by the doctors of the clinic), after which he receives a list of services that can solve this problem. This functionality is aimed specifically at the consumer, since the names of services (for example, Zeltiq cryolipolysis) often do not provide the user with the necessary information.


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