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Why can’t online promotion guarantee N sales per month


When looking for a company that will be engaged in Internet site promotion, almost everyone asks the manager a question: “What percentage of sales growth do you guarantee me?” And if a company gives you a figure from the doorway, then you can safely not believe it. Because a good internet marketer will never guarantee a specific amount of sales – it is impossible to calculate it.

Remember the popular video in which Swedish musician and inventor Martin Moulin plays on a large music machine with balls? The machine (unlike other similar ones) is wonderful in that it is not useless – it plays music, and not disposable – it can repeat the action almost indefinitely.

Martin spins the wheel, the system grabs metal balls from the “reservoir” and guides them further along the “insides” of the car. To get a sound, it is necessary that the mechanisms work harmoniously, and the ball falls out at the right time and at the right point.

Business car

So that’s it. Online promotion is a mechanism by which “balls enter the reservoir”, that is, customers get to your site.

And further, in order for the purchase to take place, a well-coordinated work of the “organism” into which they got (your business) is necessary. And everything is important here: site design, information on it, custom scripts, implemented services, call center or manager’s work, simple authorization, timely incoming letters about the generated order (and not in the “Spam” folder), adherence to delivery times, product quality, which will not be refunded after all. After all, only then does the purchase take place? And if a client for himself by all the criteria has put you “ticks”, then he will gladly fall into your “business machine” again. As intended in the mechanism of Moulin’s “box”.

Are you sure that everything is clear on your site?

The behavior of a person entering a site can be compared to the action of a large and multi-level Goldberg machine (as in the video) – a device that performs a simple action in a non-standard way. Buying is a simple act, right?

By typing a search query or clicking on a banner, the user enters the site and tries to navigate there. Let’s say you sell dresses. Here is an approximate list of questions from your potential client who came to the site (Svetlana, 24 years old, HR manager, got bored at lunch and wanted to arrange a virtual shopping):

  • Where did I go? Do they sell dresses here?
  • Where can I click to see how much the dress costs?
  • Selling in Novosibirsk? Is there a delivery?
  • I need a long blue dress. How do I find all the long blue dresses here?
  • Can you still see turquoise?
  • How do these dresses compare? What material are they from?
  • Where are the dresses made? Are they branded?
  • How do I determine which size I need? Can I get a fitting?
  • How to order? How much does the delivery cost? How long to wait for an order?
  • How to pay? Are there payment options?
  • Where are the guarantees that I will not be deceived?

And it is important for you not to interfere with each new question and to answer it in an accessible way, or even better – to get ahead. It turns out that a simple purchase is made in a rather non-standard way if traps and obstacles are placed on the site that can simply “break the mechanism” – lead to the fact that Svetlana does not find an answer, closes the tab, and returns to lunch, or goes to the site of competitors.

And where is the internet promotion here?

Agree, the promotion company you hired has nothing to do with the work of the site, manager, delivery service, suppliers, whose work is described above? She brings “balls” (leads Svetlana) to your site. You and your business processes are already responsible for the rest.

The sale is the result and responsibility of not one process, but the sum of the actions of the entire business machine.

If you want people on your site to buy, consider an all-in-one promotion. During it, specialists test the site, give recommendations on usability, design, services, and content. This means that if the recommendations for improving the site are fulfilled, then you will not only be brought to the site with a “bucket of balls”, but they will also check in what scenarios these balls will roll, whether they will hit the target they need, whether they can put the goods into the basket and pay for the order with a Maestro card. However, this does not guarantee you 100 sales from 100 visits. Since even a paid order must be confirmed by the manager, assembled by the packer, delivered to the courier, and the quality of the ordered item will depend on the supplier. But this guarantees you N people who will come to your site and familiarize themselves with your offer.

Then why do you need internet promotion?

A holistic approach is important in any business, including your online activity. And if you want your “machine” to work smoothly and generate income, then it needs constant professional technical support in everything (and constant “refueling” by customers, of course). The main thing is to synchronize its processes so that they work for the sake of one goal – to leave customers so satisfied that they will gladly come to you again and again.

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