What are the airfare and air ticket prices?

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Have we all ever wondered how much airfare can cost and if its price varies depending on the date, the number of passengers, and other conditions? Here we make some clarifications so that you take them into account when doing your searches and you can understand much easier how this topic works.

Does the price of my tickets vary depending on the date or is there a single rate?

The price depends on the date you are looking for your tickets, for example, if it is high season the tickets may be more expensive because many people want to travel and therefore there is a high demand for flights. For this reason, it is advisable to make the purchase approximately 1 or 2 months in advance.

It is worth clarifying that there is NO single rate, agencies are constantly updating their prices in the system. Imagine! There may be thousands of people buying tickets online at the same time as you, so minute by minute the cheapest tickets are running out and other slightly more expensive options are becoming available.

Is it true that the closer I am to my flight date, the more expensive my tickets will be?

It is true if you buy your tickets being very close to the date of your flight, as much as possible it is that you will not find cheap rates, as we mentioned earlier, every minute that passes the cheap tickets are running out and in the end, the most expensive ones remain.

The best option is to buy your tickets two months in advance since most rates will be much cheaper.

Are there differences between the rates for children and adults?

Yes, the rate varies depending on the age of the passenger and the origin/destination of the flight.

In the case of children and adolescents, generally, for all passengers over 12 years of age, the adult rate applies. When children are over 2 years old and under 12 years old, a lower rate is charged, and for babies an almost free rate.

Likewise, if you travel with two babies, one will pay the corresponding rate of 10% going on your lap, but the second baby will pay the rate for the minor between 2 and 11 years old, obligatorily occupying a seat.

Are the deals really deals?

This depends on the agency, in the case of Destinos we make sure that each offer we promote is really related to a low price, we have a team that is continuously updating and comparing prices to offer you the alternatives that best suit you.

Remember! The most important thing is that you stay updated on our promotions, so you will realize how prices vary and the offers that favor you the most.

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