how to increase google adsense earnings

Find out how to increase your Google Adsense earnings with these tips.

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how to increase google adsense earnings

Do you have a blog with Advertising? Do you want to increase your Adsense earnings? Well, stay tuned to this post because I bring you tips to improve your income based on my experience with Adsense. You hear a lot that Adsense is a passive income generator. I think it’s half true because to get the acceptable performance you have to spend time optimizing your websites on a regular basis.

If you love SEO like I do, and exploit niches with Adsense, you will know that the best strategy is to try everything you can think of (as long as it complies with the Adsense guidelines, of course). Because there are also no universal rules, each website is a world and what works very well in one, maybe not so well in another.

Also, always keep in mind that it is not about increasing income at all costs. You have to know how to balance between the user experience and the performance of your account. If you invade your ad website in such a way that it hinders navigation, is annoying to consult the content, or makes your website load very slow, among other examples, you may be upset in the form of an account ban or lowering of positions in Google.

So be very careful, first of all, common sense and think about the user who visits our website. If we take care of it, in the long term we will obtain better returns. Now, we start with the tips to increase Adsense earnings with your blog or website.

Responsive websites and responsive ad units

Let’s go with the first tip to increase Adsense earnings. It should not be said in 2018, but there are still websites that are not responsive. As a consequence, they are leaving a lot of organic traffic on the way, and at the monetization level, they are also losing the opportunity to generate more money with the web.

If you already have your website responsive, then you have to consider the option of using responsive ad units. They have the virtue of adapting their size to the width of the screen, based on the available advertising space that we leave them. This allows you to have ads that occupy the entire width of your content, for example, increasing their visibility.

Another good thing is that they will make your website look good on mobile devices too, which is very important nowadays.

Ads position

Following the tips to increase Adsense earnings, remember that AdSense policies allow you to place 3 ad units, 3 link units, and 2 search boxes on each page of your website.

When it comes to the placement of your Adsense ads, you should keep two main things in mind:

  • Place your ads in the top half of the page.
  • Place your ads within the content before the side or header.

They will have more visibility and will usually make your CTR go up.

Don’t be surprised that when you get your CTR up, your CPC magically goes down. I’ve seen it in many of my niches after optimizing. Adsense makes these kinds of adjustments and over time the values ​​tend to normalize.

Ads in content listings

A good example of strategic placement of ads is to insert them within content listings, and better if your listings are accompanied by images and are not just text. You can place link blocks and test how they respond.

Make sure to leave enough space between your ads and content, so you don’t violate AdSense policies. Remember, you have to try everything to find a way to increase your Adsense earnings.

Ad size and types

Something that many bloggers ignore to increase Adsense earnings is link blocks. Link blocks tend to have a higher CTR than display and text ads, but be careful because they have an intermediate screen where the ads are actually displayed. The links that you see on your website are simply categories.

Adsense doesn’t pay you until the user clicks on one of those ads. That is, you have to have clicked first on one of the categories and finally on the ad. Despite that, they tend to work quite well near media, images, or even near menus. But be careful not to put it too close to clickable elements because it is not frowned upon by Adsense policies.

Now, these are some of the Adsense sizes that work best :

  • Customizable ad and link formats.
  • 336 x 280: Large rectangle.
  • 300 x 250
  • 728 x 90
  • 160 x 600
  • 200 x 90 Link block.

Obviously, as I have already said, this depends a lot on each website. They are not universal rules.

Organic traffic and geolocation

Adsense ads generally perform better when your traffic comes from search engines. I have done tests sending cold traffic from Facebook ads and the results have not been very good. It is better for the user to find your website by doing a search.

And to make sure that you find us by profitable keywords we have to do good keyword research beforehand. Try to position keywords with a higher CPC, as long as you have options to position them. Longtails with a decent cost per click would be a good strategy.

On the other hand, the geolocation of your traffic is another factor that decisively influences the cost per click. If your traffic mostly comes from Latin American countries, you probably have a lower cost per click than if your visitors are from the US, UK, or even Spain.

This is so because advertisers in certain countries pay more than others, and because the currency issue affects a lot.

Do an A/B test of everything you can think of

Another way to increase your Google AdSense is by testing.

The A / B tests provided by Google AdSense are the best way to increase your CTR, your RPM, and your CPC. They are a great tool to test changes without risk since they use a control group and another to which the change is applied to test a number of days.

Once the experiment is finished, it offers you performance reports so that you can decide the best configuration. Thanks to the A / B tests I have achieved important improvements in my websites, in all I run the tests that I see fit.

If you take it as a regular practice with new ideas or changes you want to make, over time you will see your results improve.

Experiment with the style of your ad units

It usually works quite well for your ads to resemble the design of the rest of your website, but I have done tests with designs that are very different from the specific web, and in some cases, I have had surprising results.

Even small design tweaks like changing the link color or ad border type can boost your Adsense revenue.

Do an A / B test and wait to see the results. As simple as that.

Try category blocking

On some websites, it works very well to block categories that are not related to the subject, since they tend to have a worse CTR than related categories.

And especially when you have been using Adsense for a while, it works well to block the categories that pay less. To see how much each category pays you to have to go to Allow and Block Ads -> General Categories.

Generally, I block categories that have a good impression share but a very low win percentage.

Try to block categories by web and not at a general level, because depending on the niche this data may vary.

Location targeting

This is a detail that many people overlook when it comes to increasing Adsense earnings. It’s about setting up your ads so that they can be chosen in auctions based on their location.

This increases competition between advertisers and increases the value of the ad. To enable placement targeting, you must do it manually for each ad in its settings.

Try to put a description that makes it clear to advertisers what content you offer where each ad goes. Use keywords to make it easier for them to find you.

Display or text-only ads

One of the myths of AdSense is that display ads work better than text ads. Actually, I would dare to say no, on the contrary. By blocking these types of ads we are putting a lot of advertisers out of bids, thus lowering the CPM of the ads.

I prefer to use both types. And if not, you always have the A / B tests to test what works best in your case.

Final thoughts

At this point, you will have realized that the key to everything is to try to increase your Adsense earnings.

Here you have many tips and on other sites, you can find many others, but in the end, it is about your own experience and adapt your strategy to each website.

Some data to keep in mind:

  • Showing fewer ads lowers impressions, but usually also increases the cost per click as there is less space available.
  • On the contrary, if you increase the number of ads and place them well, it is easy to raise the CTR of the page, but on the contrary, the CPC will almost certainly go down.
  • If you focus your content strategy on keywords with the average competition, you ensure better long-term performance. High competition words are often very difficult to position, and those with little competition are unprofitable.

So far I have come with my strategies on Adsense. If you have more tips to increase your earnings with Adsense, feel free to share questions and opinions in the comments.

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