Learn the best time to book your trip

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Finding the best price is one of the main concerns when planning a trip on a budget. That is why we will give you the steps that you must take into account to take advantage of each ticket. Remember that the reservation of an air ticket is different from its purchase, therefore, the final price could vary in relation to the price of the reservation if you do not make the payment.

What you should keep in mind before booking:

High season and the low season

If your priority is to save money, it is best to travel in the low season. Investigate the destination a bit, as the seasons vary according to tourist and cultural activities and even the climate of each place. For example, while it is low season in Colombia, it could be high season in Brazil. Check the holidays, parties, sports activities, and other events around the estimated travel date.

Search and purchase hours

It is not the same to book a flight in the morning than at noon or at night. Nor is it the same to see prices or to book on a Saturday or Tuesday. It’s best to look for deals at different times during the week and analyze how prices fluctuate before making a decision. A good idea is to search for flights after 12 at night since at this time the reservations that have not been purchased during the day are released.

Promotional dates

There are moments that you cannot miss to reserve your tickets, such as the “Happy Hours” or the “ Cybernetic Offers ”. Remember to be aware of our page to know the promotions that will help you book the best possible prices.

Buy your tickets with a credit card

It may seem that the payment method has no relation to the time of the reservation, but it never hurts to think about your credit card to buy. As we mentioned at the beginning, the price is not confirmed until the moment of making the payment. When you make a reservation to pay in cash, you have to consider the time it takes to get to the bank, queue, and be attended. When you pay with a credit or debit card, the process is faster.

If after following all these tips you find an attractive price, book it! Do not miss the opportunity to make the trip of your dreams.

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