SEM: the best showcase for your company

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Google is the search engine of choice for over 90% of users. It is the reference site to which they turn to answer their questions and research products and services. In short, if you want your customers to find you, you need to be visible on Google … and ads SEM of Google  Ads will help you get it.

Look to work with companies that have the Google Partner certificate, such as SHIKDAR™. This indicates that the Google Ads investment requirements are met, that customer and business revenue is increasing, and that the customer base has been maintained and expanded. 

Why do you need to advertise on Google Ads?

  • Because you can reach the right people at the right time. Google ads are targeted based on keywords and interests. Therefore, they reach the user just at the moment when he is deciding how to solve his problem. Thanks to its precision, you will not only improve brand awareness and recognition but also multiply the chances of converting and selling.
  • Because you can strengthen your SEO campaigns. The SEO and SEM are not opposing strategies, but complementary. While SEO focuses on long-term results, SEM allows you to increase your brand’s visibility almost instantly. At the same time, Google Ads ads generate increased traffic to your page that can reinforce your SEO results.
  • Because you will only pay for the results. One of the great advantages of Google Ads campaigns is the payment method. As this platform is based on a cost-per-click system, you will only pay each time a user interacts with your ads.
  • Because it is measurable, effective, and flexible. The Google Ads platform is focused on measurement and analytics tools. This allows you to know what is happening with each of your campaigns, your ads, and your keywords in real-time, as well as their relationship with conversions. In this way, you have all the data to decide if you keep your ads, if you change them or if you increase the budget. You will have the necessary information to control your investment and optimize the results.
  • Because you can reach a global or local audienceLast but not least, Google Ads allows you to segment your audience based on their location. Depending on the scope of your business, you can launch ads that are published around the world, in a specific country, or even in a specific city or town. Thanks to this, you can always hit your potential audience and make the most of the investment.

How can we help you at Shikdar™?

Google Ads is a very complex tool, which requires managing multiple variables and being aware of the results in real-time to continuously optimize the ads.

The advantage of SHIKDAR™ is that we have the Google Partner certificate, which indicates that we meet the investment requirements of Google Ads, that we have managed to increase the income of customers and companies, and that our customer base has been maintained and extended. In addition, you also acknowledge that some of our employees have demonstrated knowledge and experience of Google Ads bypassing the Google – Academy for Ads assessments and achieving the appropriate certifications.

Therefore, if you want to develop a campaign with real impact, it is best to put your brand in the hands of experts with years of experience in SEM management. At SHIKDAR™ we offer you:

  • Campaign design. We will set objectives according to your budget and create a solid structure of campaigns, ad groups, and keywords to achieve the best results.
  • Scientific management of advertisements. We always rely on an analytical study of the data to make the best decisions. We have a technology in parallel, which allows our keywords to compete in real-time.
  • Increase in traffic from keyword optimization. We know that discovering the “blind spots” of a campaign means increasing its effectiveness and profitability. Therefore, we analyze the universe of keywords for each campaign, making sure that all the gaps are covered and including the most relevant longtail terms.
  • Creating attractive and relevant ads. Thanks to the optimization of the ads, not only are it possible to maintain a good CTR, but they also work like your brand’s commercials and attract the best buyers to your website.
  • Quality level optimization. This parameter is one of the key metrics of Google Ads since it can achieve that even an ad in the first position has a CPC lower than the second or third.
  • Conversion rate increase. To attract relevant users to your website, we constantly optimize ad copy and campaign structure, identify star products or services and rely on heat map analysis to identify user needs.
  • Bid management and CPC. At SHIKDAR™ we have developed our own tool that connects to the Google API to manage bids in real-time. With it, it is possible to optimize the CPC based on the real results and with the analytical and scientific basis that characterizes us.

Google Ads can be a great showcase for your products and services. But to get the most out of it, you need the help of experts. Get in touch with us and discover how to create the best SEM campaigns.

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