Why are sales going down in your company & How to solve?

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Sales in the company can go down for various reasons and identifying them will help you define the actions you can take to counteract them. Why are sales going down in your company? How to solve it?

Markets are continually changing and there are many variables that influence your sales results, one of them may be that consumers’ interest in your product or service decreases; another, increase your competition.

To find out why sales are falling, it is important that you carry out a market analysis to determine where your brand is, what are the changing interests or needs of your customers and what your competitors are doing.

Reasons why sales decrease

Leaving aside the economic crises that affect demand and the seasonal conditions that influence the level of sales of certain products or services, these are the main reasons that sales fall:

  1. A change in sales strategy did not give the expected results. Here the important thing is that you realize it in time so that you rectify it in a timely manner.
  2. Competition has increased with participants who have come to disrupt the market. We must prepare to stand out and differentiate ourselves. What is your organizational transformation purpose? You must look for a competitive advantage and make it stand out.
  3. The life cycle of your customers is coming to an end. This is something that you should anticipate to try to stay ahead of trends and anticipate their new needs by innovating your product or service. Now more than ever we realize that we must be prepared and accept what the digital world brings with it. They are challenges, they are changes, but above all they are benefits.
  4. Your salespeople have dropped their guard and are unmotivated  If there are no external factors that affect you, then check internally if you should focus on your sales force. It is important to know how to integrate the digital strategy in processes that may already be reaching their expiration dates, such as cold calling or telemarketing.
  5. Your marketing efforts have been outmatched by your competition. The digital world has changed the way consumers perceive advertising, avoiding what they consider invasive. If your strategies remain traditional, you will be losing the opportunity to benefit from new advertising channels and new techniques to attract, convert and retain customers.

Tips for selling more

If you know the reasons why you sell less, it will be easier for you to find how to increase sales. These recommendations can help you:

  • Analyze your CRM to review the performance of your sales team.
  • Refine your processes and systems. If something is wrong with your business performance, it may not be your team’s fault, but the processes and systems at their disposal.
  • Create a plan for the future. Anticipating everything that may happen next allows you to have a direction and a vision to achieve for your team. A business stuck in sales should take advantage of this moment to plan for the future, not focus on the temporary and immediate.
  • Develop your team. It is time to update ourselves, we must promote a culture of learning, especially in relation to the digital world.
  • Develop an analysis of your current situation and your competition. Discover new trends, breaks in the market, and look for how to innovate. Markets evolve, your customers change, your company must too.
  • Conduct satisfaction and feedback surveys
  • Create or intensify your digital presence with a content marketing strategy that attracts new customers and builds trust.
  • Automate your business process

How do you deal with falling sales? Have you tried new sales strategies? How do you integrate your marketing and sales efforts?

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