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Thought Leadership 19 Min Read

How to identify your new business opportunities?

How can I identify business opportunities? That is the question that thousands of young entrepreneurs ask themselves daily when they look for alternatives in which they can develop their talent and exploit their potential… And where, in addition, they can be adequately remunerated. For example, to identify business opportunities, you

Marketing and Sales 18 Min Read

The 15 most important social media KPIs to measure

Do you want to measure the success of your campaigns on social networks? If so, you need to know which KPIs to focus on. There are certain key pieces of information that should not be missing from any KPI analysis, as they provide necessary information about your social media metrics. Analyzing whether you

Marketing and Sales 11 Min Read

Types of Key Performance Indicators KPIs

There are different types of KPIs that are difficult to choose when measuring your business objectives. Therefore, before defining the types of performance indicators, it is first important to understand what KPIs are, and how they can help you obtain a strategic vision of your business. In this article, you

Marketing and Sales 14 Min Read

What are the 5 pillars of digital marketing?

The fact is that this led us to make the decision to put a concrete roof on the house sooner than had been planned, however, although my house had already been built for years, to add that roof and the possibility of building above What is now my uncle's house,