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ShikdarComplete Solutions for your Startup Company

Our complete development and management services can help you turn your vision into a reality. We provide everything you need to launch and grow your startup company, from ideation and market research to product development, marketing, and sales.

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Invest a portion of your lifetime earnings prudently so that it may return to you at least twofold. We are “Shikdar Visionary Ventures”, and we have 10+ active teams ready to transform your small dream into a million dollar profit business and surpass the list of competitors. So why the delay? Check now which type of startup company will be best for you and how much profit you want…

Business idea

We helping with Generate and validate business ideas with market research, customer feedback, and prototyping. Learn how to develop a successful business plan and launch your startup.

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Product development

We are here and stand with you for Launch your startup with a successful product development process using images to prototype, test, and iterate on your product. Let's check...

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market strategy

Let's Create a ROI market strategy that drives sales and growth for your startup with images to visualize your target market, sales channels, and marketing plan. Start now...

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Brief database of our services

Choose a service that suits you in a database with more than 100 services, contact us now to get the best services for your startup company or business development in one place.

Creative & Visuals

Creative & Visuals

2D Animation

3d Animation

Digital Animation



3D Game Development

Architectural Design

Conceptual Design

Corporate Design

Graphic Design


Podcast Recording

Graphic Identity

Motion Design

Sound Production

Website Design

Audiovisual Production

Brand Identity

Banner Advertisements

Print Materials

Merchandise Design


UI/UX Design

Development & Product

Web Analytics/Big Data

Web Application

Mobile App

Drupal Commerce

Data Consulting

Office 365 Consulting

Website Creation

CakePHP Development

Game Development

Software Development


Flutter Software Development

NextJs Development

Market Penetration Study

Innovation Management

Product Management

Artificial Intelligence

Financial Application Development

Apps Develop For Field Operations

Marketing & Advertising

Branding and Brand Positioning

Visual Cues

Community Management

Purchase of Printed Media


Email Marketing

Content Strategy

Digital Strategy




Growth Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Media Planning


Outdoor Advertising

Online Advertising

Social Networks Management

Public Relations

Search Engine Optimizations (SEO)

Adsense Arbitrage MasteryBox

Are you tired of waiting for organic traffic to trickle in? Do you dream of financial independence and explosive ad…

Human Resources & Talent Management | HR Keys and Examples

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What is a Sales Manager and What are its Functions?

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